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Autoclavable sensors from Hamilton company

EasyFerm Bio sensors from Hamilton

Arc_AirEasyFerm Bio sensors are designed for applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food & beverage industries where certification of no biological risk of cytotoxicity is mandatory and where intensive CIP is conducted.

The  electrolyte of the EasyFerm Bio is EHEDG certified, biocompatible, tasteless, odourless and does not harm microorganisms. The sensor is pre-pressurized to prevent clogging of the ceramic diaphragm and the diffusion of sample into the reference electrolyte. The reference cartridge ensures that the  reference electrolyte remains free of silver and precipitation. Hamilton HB pH glass was developed to withstand sterilization and specifically extends pH sensor lifetime in applications with frequent CIP-cycles.

Arc system

The Arc system consist of Arc sensors, the ArcAir software application, and accessories.  The ArcAir software application and the Arc accessories are used to monitor, configure and calibrate Arc sensors.

With the transmitter integrated, Arc sensors provide more reliable measurements directly to your process control system. The Arc  micro-transmitter in the sensor head stores all relevant sensor data, including calibration and diagnostic information, including lifetime information, simplifying maintenance. Wireless communication may be used for monitoring, configuration and calibration, and saves time without compromising with quality.

hamilton_certificateEHEDG-certified sensors

Additionally the EasyFerm Bio sensors are certified to EHEDG criteria. The standard EasyFerm Bio, with its HB glass, is directed at the Food & Beverage industry where CIP and SIP cycles occur frequently because the glass shows a very fast recovery leading to a shortened set-up time. The new versions with the PHI glass show an excellent chemical robustness at high pH values.

The LEVP (LE = Liquid Earth) versions have a stabilized sensor signal and an extended sensor diagnosis.

The electrolyte of the EasyFerm Bio sensors is pre-pressurized to prevent the diffusion of sample into the sensor. The Everef-F reference cartridge ensures that the reference electrolyte remains free of silver and precipitation of proteins.

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