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Problem: Integrating new options into existing production facility with two 2000L production bioreactors. Process requires on-line control of metabolite and nutrient concentration for the cell culture process. Without on-line optimization of media composition it is not possible to get optimal yield of target product.

Solution: SYSBIOTECH offered to integrate available on the market analyzers for on-line determination of components into the existing bioreactor system. Using special sampling system it is possible to transfer the results of the measurements to the control system with possibility of managing the feeding and harvesting strategies.

How it works: Together with the customer’s engineers we defined what kind of analyzers would be suitable for their application and could be integrated into the existing bioreactor system. After clarification of technical points, our engineers started to develop the analyzer system for the bioreactor. For easy managing of the process and full use of all features of SYSBIOTECH SCADA system, we integrated new analyzers into our controller. So that all data generated by the analyzers would be integrated into SYSBIOTECH SCADA system database. This approach lets the customer to use this new data to control the technological process, to prepare the reports and for other tasks.

Result: The customer got the system which was designed in accordance with their request with integration of all parameters which they needed for establishing of profitable process. Before that the customer had experience with lab-scale solution and off-line parameters measurement. But on a large scale it was not possible to follow the same strategy with off-line control of such critical parameters as media composition. SYSBIOTECH SCADA system allows for making flexible update of the system and integration of new devices.

 Bioreactor_2000LBioreactor 2000L

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