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FAT finished 22 June 2017

On 22nd of June 2017 bioreactors and CIP-stations FAT was finished. The equipment included 2 bioreactors 100 L each, 2 bioreactors 450 L each and 2 CIP-stations 230 L each.On the first day we checked the documentation, temperature and pressure controllers and how sterilization goes in 450 L vessel.
On the second day a Spray cleaning test and Full sterilization test for a 100 L bioreactor were conducted. This green-yellow fluid you can see in the central photo is riboflavin solution. It is sprayed on the vessel walls and then the vessel is CIP-cleaned. After the cleaning is finished the interior of the bioreactor is inspected using a UV-light torch. This allows to check the CIP-cleaning quality. If any riboflavin solution is left, it will shine in the UV light. Both tests have gone very well.

riboflavin test for bioreactor UV_light_CIP_check pressure gauge on bioreactor

On the third day we performed a Spray cleaning test for a 450 L bioreactor.

spin-filter big area 450L bioreactor with spin filter 450 L bioreactor open

The documents were signed in the evening of 22nd  June.

25 Jun 2017