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Ralstonia eutropha – soil bacteria with big potential

Ralstonia eutropha

Researchers have developed a new pathway to get one of the tiniest forms of life to make fuel By breathing in carbon dioxide and hydrogen, an engineered version of the bacterium Ralstonia eutropha produced branched alcohols, compounds that can be blended with gasoline or serve as an energy ...


Freeze Dryers. How do they work?

The process of freeze-drying (also referred to as lyophilization) is the process of dehydrating perishable materials for preservation for a longer period of time. Freeze drying works by freezing the material and reducing the surrounding pressure adding enough heat to allow the frozen water in the ...


Autoclavable sensors from Hamilton company


EasyFerm Bio sensors from Hamilton EasyFerm Bio sensors are designed for applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food & beverage industries where certification of no biological risk of cytotoxicity is mandatory and where intensive CIP is conducted. The  electrolyte of the EasyFerm ...