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Possible technological solutions for the production of vaccines against COVID-2019


COVID-2019 vaccine manufacturing chain SYSBIOTECH has been cooperating with leading vaccine manufacturers in different countries for many years and is ready to discuss and develop new solutions, including equipment for the vaccine against COVID-2019. Many modern vaccines, including rabies and ...


Bioreactor for human microbiome research


General description of ECSIMĀ (Environmental Control System for Intestinal Microbiota) systems To complete these in-vitro systems, we have developed our own infrastructure to simulate the human colon, with the goal of having a modular system for maintaining a human microbiota in similar ...


C-BIO2 software


Our fermenters have the C-BIO2 software. The Software control runs under Microsoft Windows XP or 7 Pro operating system. Developed from a development platform well-known on the market; "LabWindows" NATIONAL INSTRUMENT, the C-BIO2 is a dedicated application for fermentation and cell culture. The ...