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Bioreactor for human microbiome research


General description of ECSIMĀ (Environmental Control System for Intestinal Microbiota) systems To complete these in-vitro systems, we have developed our own infrastructure to simulate the human colon, with the goal of having a modular system for maintaining a human microbiota in similar ...


C-BIO2 software


Our fermenters have the C-BIO2 software. The Software control runs under Microsoft Windows XP or 7 Pro operating system. Developed from a development platform well-known on the market; "LabWindows" NATIONAL INSTRUMENT, the C-BIO2 is a dedicated application for fermentation and cell culture. The ...


Scaling-up in the production of therapeutic proteins


The article is given in the form of an interview. Here are the answers of SYSBIOTECH experts to the questions of scaling-up. What are the main problems of scaling-up in the transition from laboratory-scale to pilot-scale, and then to industrial-scale production? Energy dissipation in a ...