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BTPX 305

BTPX 305

The key to success in bridging the gap from the laboratory to commercial production is a pilot plant that delivers results that will be relevant when you move into full-scale production. Scaling-up involves compromises that often cannot be predicted in the laboratory.

Alfa Laval solves this problem with the versatile BTPX 305 centrifuge. Suitable for feedrates up to 2 000 litres per hour, the BTPX 305 can be delivered in a multitude of configurations and it is therefore adaptable to almost any duty and application imaginable.

For hazardous duties the centrifuge complies with ATEX requirements for zone 1 or 2 and a skid mounted separation system can be designed for inert gas purging, thus insuring the highest level of safety. For biological hazards the separation system can be designed for steam sterilization and contained operation, which meets the requirements of the NIH guidelines for BLS 2.


The BTPX 305 is a solids-ejecting centrifuge in clarifier, purifier and concentrator execution, equipped with a well-proven, reliable fixed partial solids discharge, which can be initiated by timer, turbidity and/or totalized flowrate.

In the clarifier execution the centrifuge is used for removing suspended solids from a liquid, while in the purifier and concentrator execution it is used for removing suspended solids, while separating two intermixed and immiscible liquid phases of different densities.

The solids content in the feed is normally in the range of 0.1–10% by volume, but can vary between different duties.

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