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CARR UniFuge Pilot

UniFuge rotor
UniFuge rotor2
  • CARR Centritech’s new UniFuge from PneumaticScaleAngelus utilizes a gamma irradiated, single-use module that requires no CIP and no SIP. All process-contact surfaces are easy to install and are 100% replaceable after each run.
  • Low shear harvesting of mammalian and insect cells is possible, and minimal reduction in viability of recovered cells is achievable. Since the cells are not lysed, production of cell debris in the centrifuge is minimized, making the UniFuge an excellent choice for both cell recovery or centrate clarification.
  • UniFuge modules are readily tube-welded to your single-use bioreactor connections (customer-specified single-use connectors available upon request). The UniFuge is completely automated with exible cycle parameter entry.
  • The feed suspension is gently pumped to the module and the cells settle to the outer radius while the clear supernatant is continuously discharged. Once the module has filled with cells, the controller stops the rotor and discharges the cells. This cycle is repeated until the bioreactor volume has been processed.
Industrial-scale bioreactor 500-1000L
Pro-Lab control system bioreactors
Full-size CIP/SIP Fermenters 150L-300L-500L
Process vessel with CIP and SIP – 250L