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Optical density measurement system in real time from optek-Danulat


Optek-Danulat’s cell growth monitors (turbidimeters) provide fast measurement of optical density in real time. No need for sampling. This eliminates the loss of volume and the errors associated with dilution. In addition, the risk of contamination is reduced.

The device continuously measures cell concentration increase. This allows the operator to determine the moment when the cell growth stops and get the best results.

The device can act as an alarming system to alert operators about abnormal variations in the cell growth cycle, which helps to prevent product loss.

Typically, turbidimeters are installed in the bioreactor. They measure the density of bacteria, yeast, fungi or mammalian cells directly. Data coming from the bioreactor is used to control the fresh medium feed rate. This ensures optimal growth rate and integrity of the final product. With the help of turbidimeters you can determine the best feed rate, the cut-off time, and optimal harvest time.

The system provides for the linearization of absorption and tuning in accordance with the methods of laboratory analysis used by the customer to determine the number of cells and the optical density. This linearized value can then be displayed in any units of measurement.

Turbidimeters can be used in systems of various scales, up to the final production bioreactor. This device is unique, since verification can be done between cycles either directly in the line during production cycle. All wetted parts can be steam sterilized.

Industrial-scale bioreactor 500-1000L
Pro-Lab control system bioreactors
Full-size CIP/SIP Fermenters 150L-300L-500L
Process vessel with CIP and SIP – 250L