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Promatix 1000 lab-scale centrifuge

Promatix rotor

Bioprocess Downstream Processing Using Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation.

Ultracentrifugation has been recognized for decades as a simple preparative method for small scale processing of a diverse range of biological products including viruses, virus like particles (VLPs) and nano-particles.

Continuous flow ultracentrifugation allows scale up of these laboratory preparations to enable ultracentrifugation to be used in large scale manufacturing of human therapeutic products.

The Promatix 1000TM Laboratory Ultracentrifuge completes the Alfa Wassermann range of scalable continuous flow ultracentrifuges enabling laboratory researchers to use this powerful purification technology for production process development. In 1967 this technique was made available commercially by Electro Nucleonics Inc (now Alfa Wassermann). Since then the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers are utilizing the KII ultracentrifuge to produce purified Influenza vaccine on a large scale as well as Meningitis, Rabies, and Hepatitis B vaccines.

Alfa Wassermann’s KII and PKII continuous flow ultracentrifuges meet all the demands of cGMP manufacturing for viral vaccines and viral vector gene therapy products. Alfa Wassermann’s experience has led to the development of a sophisticated and robust ultracentrifuge suitable for running upward of 3000 operational hours a year.

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